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2022 CLASS

Abbey Reece    Justin    Assistant City Manager
Ashleigh Feryan   Lewisville    Neighborhood Services Coordinator
Carianne Riley   Spring Valley Village    Assistant to the City Manager
Emily Barron  Pflugerville    Assistant City Manager
Frances Aguilar    Pearland    City Secretary
Haley Alsabrook    Richardson    Management Analyst
Jessica Almendarez   Coppell    Budget Analyst
Jessica Johnsen    Grand Junction, CO    Planner
Karen Menard    Trinity River Authority   Regulatory Resources Manager
Kathie Reyer  Shenandoah    City Administrator
Kim McAuliffe    Georgetown    Downtown & Tourism Director
Lacy Lewis   Sammamish, OR  Supervising  Management Analyst
Lee Woodward   LaPorte    City Secretary/PIO
Leigh Wallace    Georgetown    Finance Director
Leslie Antunez    San Antonio    Climate Program Manager
Malaika Marion Farmer    Hurst    Assistant City Manager
Molly Bujanda  Simon Sinek    Community Relations Manager
Sarah Luxton    Plano    Sustainability & Environmental Ed Div Supervisor
Venus Wehle  Forest Hill    City Manager

Congratulations, Venus Wehle on becoming Forest Hills' City Manager!nager!

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